Barefoot chic style: our story

Barefoot chic style and ddoo both celebrate freedom and comfort:

« …ddoo as you like
clothes anchored in tradition
to set the imagination free… »

ddoo is represented by four moons suggesting a long journey, an invitation to dream. Those four moons are echoed by four letters – ddoo – and a signature – ddoo as you like – celebrating freedom and comfort.
Four moons, four letters, the signature and a website – – constitute our trademarks.

A sophisticated collection that fills the gap between transient and ancient: ddoo collective clothes are inspired by tradition, transformed by imagination, at once timeless and wearable.

Elegant saris, yukatas and sarongs acquired in their countries of origin look oddly out of place when worn in a different geographical context. We realized it was difficult to find traditional clothes that could be worn in everyday life. ddoo collective’s aim is to reinterpret timeless pieces, like our long silk skirts, naturally endowed with grace and comfort, to offer greater versatility.

ddoo collective wants to challenge the idea of an ever-changing, fast fashion: in adopting traditional shapes, we move from different dress cultures to those higher values of elegance and practicality that are shared by us all. But imagination still plays a big part. ddoo clothes, practical and supremely comfortable as they are, nevertheless exist in a space of make-believe: you wear them the way you like, and they are enriched by your personality.


long shirt

fisherman's trousers

long pareo skirt

pareo skirt

pareo trousers

pareo shorts

Our brand values are :

Integrity: love for a job well done, appreciation for true skills, craftsmanship and quality .

Competence: we ddoo collective members, all of us professionals in our respective fields, trust and build on each other’s and our selected partners’ experience.

Commitment: we are firmly committed to teamwork and synergy of competences. To avoid compromises, we always strive for the essential.

Generosity: ddoo clothing is adapted to all ages, shapes and occasions and they are wearable every day of the year

Modernity: ddoo collective proposes an essential collection that can be wrapped in a slim boarding-pack.
ddoo clothing is season-less and is sold on line all year long.

Enthusiasm: a passion for prints and printing techniques, a deep interest for far away countries and their culture.

Creativity: ddoo works with imagination. The clothes are not designed as costumes but as interpretations of travel memories, filtered through careful research and styling.