The designers

Our designers are Catherine Marnata and Maxim Guy.
ddoo clothes are created by a collective of 5 people.

The key motivation behind every ddoo collection is to create timeless clothes born of travel memories and made contemporary.

Dominique Lesourd
worked for 15 years in marketing and communications, loves contemporary art and travel, and has a deep respect for craftsmanship.
She believes that it is possible to reinvent tradition and make it contemporary.

Catherine Marnata
is a keen collector of Japanese garments, who admires pared-down lines and loves when fashion becomes art.
After 30 years as artistic director in fashion, Catherine wanted to apply her knowledge to a line that would express the beauty of essential design.

Maxim Guy
is a freelance designer. He is passionate about new technologies, cinema, music and travel. Maxim lived in Abidjan on the Ivory Coast for 12 years and travelled extensively in India and China, where he developed an enthusiasm for traditional prints, which he now reinvents and adapts into a contemporary line.

Chrystel Saillard
was raised in Asia and lived in Hong Kong for a long time, loves travelling, timeless design and natural materials.
After 15 years working in the fashion industry in Europe and the Far East, she is now in charge of the website and ddoo collections' production. She shares with the collective the same vision of style, ethics and philosophy.

Cecilia Ciccardini
worked in publishing for many years.
When Cecilia understood what her friends were doing, she thought: « What a good idea! » And immediately joined them.

The ddoo collective team is based in London and Paris but our inspiration comes from all over the world. We call ourselves a collective because we share an open mind and the same yearning for a sober lifestyle, admiration for timeless elegance and deep respect for craftsmanship. We believe in clothes that last.