A call to all adventurers

ddoo collective started as an adventure: four women and one man, five very different personalities and one common quest, brought together by strong friendship and a love for travelling, restless, inquisitive minds and a tendency to daydreaming. 

So, if you feel “adventurous” yourself, if you like to go on a journey or just to dream about it, if you love craftsmanship that expresses a tradition and has a story to tell or just like to think about the future of fashion, this blog is for you to write.
We shall tell you how we ddoo it, you will tell us how you ddoo it.

a selection of ddoo collective kurta dresses

The History of the Kurta

One of the lesser-known garments in our luxury travel clothing collections is the kurta. This item of clothing has long been a part of traditional wear and has made its way into mainstream fashion for both casual and formal events.

Uncovering Italy’s Hidden Gem: Puglia

Italy is filled with mystical locations, each offering their own unique twist on Italian life and a wonderful experience for all who visit. Discover the hidden gem of Puglia with us today. As a destination, Puglia hasn’t always been popular  with tourists, and this is part of what gives it the charm and authenticity that we at ddoo collective know and love. Puglia has recently been brought into the limelight as a must-visit location in Italy, and we’re here to discuss the reasons behind this today.
A sunset in Devon

A Fashionable Long Weekend in Devon

If you are in search of a slice of countryside bliss, then Devon should be the top of your list of places to visit in the UK. This relaxing retreat has all you need for a weekend of luxury, enjoying the peace and quiet as well as the sheer beauty of the countryside.
the view from a plane window in the blue sky

Must-Visit Destinations for 2017/2018

Summer is all about getting out and exploring new destinations. Whether you’re jet setting off to an unknown exotic island or nipping to the neighbouring country for a short retreat, the excitement that travelling brings is like no other. Here are some of the must-visit destinations for 2017 for all of our luxury gypsetters:
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Exploring the World of Colour with ddoo

Everywhere you turn there is a wide array of beautiful colours, from bright, vibrant colours to muted pastel shades. Colour has always fascinated humanity for as long as history tells, and each colour has its own story. Come with us today to explore the world of colour with ddoo and learn a little more about the history of these beautiful tones and what they represent.
views over the blue sea in the Maldives

ddoo’s Summer Suitcase Essentials

One of the greatest pleasures of the summer months is the plethora of opportunities we have to take a trip away to an exotic location. No matter which gypset destination you are heading off to this year, you should never be without the pleasure of our luxury travel clothing – the ultimate collection for a gypsetter. 
A snapshot of the Polynesian Tales collection from ddoo collective

The Benefits and Pleasures of Silk Clothing

Silk has an extensive history of prestige, having once only been reserved for royalty due to its rare nature, but today is accessible to all. It is a personal favourite of ours, which can be seen throughout our collections as they are all made from high quality 100% habotai silk.
a woman practising yoga to the sunset

Getting to Know Yoga Teacher Zephyr

Here at ddoo collective, we simply love yoga. From the way it makes you feel during the exercise, to the plethora of benefits it offers afterwards, and these incredible features make it a key part of our everyday lives. It helps us to relax, restore and find peace in our lives, and with so many styles of yoga openly available today, there is much to waiting to be discovered.
a woman practicing yoga in front of a decorative wall

What to Pack for a Yoga Retreat

As the popularity of yoga has risen over the last decade, more and more people of all ages are unearthing the wonderful benefits that this form of exercise can offer. Alongside the growth in popularity of the exercise, yoga retreats have also seen a tremendous increase in interest. 

beautiful sunset over the Balinese sea

Travel with us in a Dream of Bali

Here at ddoo collective we are excited to announce that we have just launched a brand new capsule collection entitled “Dream of Bali”. With anticipation for this new release, we have delved into the depths of Bali and explored some of the key aspects that have inspired our collection. We hope that you will join us on this journey and feel as inspired as we do…
cocktails on the beach whilst on vacation in a kimono

Take Your Kimono From the Beach to the Bar

As the spring starts to fade and summer is on its way, many of us are eagerly awaiting our next luxury holiday. The last thing to think about before jetting off to your favourite gypset destination is the packing of your suitcase; you want to ensure that you have an eclectic range of outfits so that you are ready for anything, but also don't want to pack your entire wardrobe for a week-long holiday.