Slow fashion: The fastest growing trend of 2017

ddoo collective luxury clothing seen on a catwalk
Slow fashion is one of the fastest emerging trends of 2016 and 2017 as more and more people are realising that high quality, long lasting and sustainable garments are the way forward to create the wardrobe of their dreams.

What is slow fashion?

For those who don’t know, the concept of slow fashion is a simple one, it is a movement that promotes the design, creation and purchase of high quality, sustainably created items. These are items which have been made for longevity. The main aim behind the concept is to our lower carbon footprint. As well as to educate people on their buying habits and encourage them to think more before making impulse purchases that could harm the environment and those living in it. Invest in pieces that you will truly fall in love with, and that can take you on a journey of their own. This isn’t a trend that will pass in a couple of seasons' time. The movement of slow fashion has been gaining momentum over the last few years and this is a fashion trend that is here to stay.
Building a slow fashion wardrobe is all about reflecting your own personal style through your clothing. The high quality materials and longevity allow you to portray yourself through the clothing you wear. The sense of freedom that the garments you wear grant you can heighten your confidence and allow you to travel whenever you wish in the contentment of your mind.

sunset over the beach

ddoo collective's luxury slow fashion movement

Brands such as ours offer a range of luxury silk clothing that fit with a slow fashion mind-set, where comfort, timeless styling and easy wearability come together with slow fashion to create the perfect wardrobe collection. These pieces have been inspired by gypset destinations across the world to bring an eclectic mixture of cultural designs that can be easily transitioned from city chic to boho beachwear, and from day to night.

Their versatility, quality and beauty come together through the five collections allowing you to be transported on a journey with your clothing, no matter where in the world you are. This clothing allows you to ‘ddoo’ as you like in the comfort and freedom of your clothing. This means that they will become a staple part of your own personal luxury wardrobe. With the ease of packing these pieces have you can tie them in our exclusive silk boarding pack away and jet off to your next destination, safe in the confidence that your beautiful garments will be ready and waiting for you.

The designs of our collections have more value than of simply beautiful clothing, but tell a story of the places we have travelled, explored and loved and the journey we have embarked upon to collate our ideas into the pieces you see before you. Take a look at our latest feature: A Polynesian style escapade to explore just one of the stories of our inspiration and how one of these beautiful collections came to be. Now it is time for you to be a part of that journey with your very own ddoo collective item. Find pleasure in the easy wearing and versatile pieces that will travel with you for many years as you write the pages in your own story and travel, explore and love, new and exciting destinations.

It is time to take a step away from the mass markets and make a change for the better. The more you learn about slow fashion, the more you will understand and appreciate everything the movement stands for, from high quality materials and beautiful, exclusive designs to garments made for longevity and to add to your personal style. Are you ready to slow down the fashion industry with the fastest emerging trend of 2017?

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