Bring boho chic into your home

woman in silk clothing watching the sunset
Embark on travels of the mind without even setting foot out of the door by creating a whole new world around you with your home décor. Here are a few simple tips to help you re-create the taste of your favourite gypset travel destinations within your home:

1.     Inspiration
Draw on inspiration from your exotic travels and the cultures you have experienced to give your place a sense of personality and let it tell your gypset stories. You picked up trinkets and treasures over the years that can be used to accessorise your home and bring back those happy memories; you have invested in beautiful items reminding you of your journeys; all of these elements will come together to form a style that your imagination has transformed into a haven you call home.

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2.     Embrace patterns and textures
Boho chic styling leans toward many colourful patterns and textures, from delicate contrasting details to colours that softly merge from one to another. Pick out key garments you love from your wardrobe and take inspiration from their prints and quirks: then seek out similar items to reflect these tastes in your décor. You could even make a feature of your own luxury silk travel wardrobe, showing the pieces on a bare hanging rail so you can feel on vacation in your own home! Drape our deeply coloured silk shawls over the windows to soften the light and give it colours and an added sense of vibrancy. By contrasting simple pieces with bold and detailed features, you can create a beautiful balance as you would when building an outfit for a sunny summer’s day. 

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3.     Bring the outdoors in
Natural colours and green plants make for a wonderful addition to the home. Bring a taste of the outdoors and of your adventures into your environment by choosing cacti, succulents and larger green, exotic plants. These will bring a breath of fresh air indoors and have been proven to make you release feel-good endorphins each and every day! Let the natural light shine in through the windows and transform your home into a bright and airy place where you feel truly free.

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4.     Less is more
With home décor, less is certainly more, as it is with your travel wardrobe! Pick out a few luxury items to bring a sense of elegance to the décor. By incorporating only items that you truly love, the interiors will have a minimalistic feel, with feature pieces that draw the eye to travel around the room. Fewer items will offer fewer distractions and help you to feel content, at ease and relaxed within your home. Pay particular attention to the ‘less is more’ style in areas such as the bedroom and living room, as these are usually where you spend the most time.

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5.     Create a serene space for you
The most important thing to remember is that you are creating this space for yourself. Whether you plan your next adventure, hold a conference call or simply sit and read a book in this space, it should fill you with a sense of joy and pleasure. The space should meet your needs, the décor should ease your stresses and make you feel ready to take on the world!

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