Take Your Kimono From the Beach to the Bar

cocktails on the beach whilst on vacation in a kimono

As the spring starts to fade and summer is on its way, many of us are eagerly awaiting our next luxury holiday. The last thing to think about before jetting off to your favourite gypset destination is the packing of your suitcase; you want to ensure that you have an eclectic range of outfits so that you are ready for anything, but also don't want to pack your entire wardrobe for a week-long holiday. Our luxury silk travel wardrobe is the perfect compromise, as each piece fits together perfectly with the next, creating a vast array of outfits from a simple selection of garments. Carried into one of our luxury silk boarding packs, they make packing simple, elegant and chic! 

Red Kimono image from the ddoo collective

A key piece for this summer that every luxury traveller should be packing is an elegantly printed kimono. This garment is the ultimate beach cover up, evening jacket and travel wear all rolled into one. It doesn't matter which sunny destination you are visiting, you should never travel without your silk kimono. The luxurious silk will have you looking and feeling more beautiful than ever, and its soft touch means that you won’t be missing out on the comfort either.

Embroidered kimono from the Encre de chine collection

The versatility, beauty and sheer comfort of a kimono means that it can take you from day to night, and from beach to the bar in an effortless manner. Our range of luxury silk kimonos take inspiration from all over the world, from 1930s Shanghai to the traditional firefly hunts of Japan, offering something to suit every personality and style. Whether you are looking for a long, vibrant, floral piece to add to your collection, a deeper, richer colour palette or something that is beautifully embroidered, we have it all. Some of our pieces such as the Peony kimono (pictured below) is even reversible, making it the most adaptable travel garment you will ever own.

Beautiful orange coloured kimono from ddoo collective

Your beachwear wardrobe has never been more versatile than with the addition of the spring kimono, flowing to the floor and offering you the most beautifully elegant silhouette possible. Wear it over your bikini and a pair of pareo shorts, and you are ready to hit the beach. Then, once the sun begins to fade and the beach starts to cool, you’ll be heading to the bar to enjoy a cocktail or two with those you love, and with this outfit, you won’t have to change, as you’re ready to go! Switch up a simple pair of sandals for some heeled alternatives, and you’ll certainly be the envy of the room!

ddoo kimono image walking through the pop up

Although most commonly associated with summer, these kimonos aren’t just for the warmer months, as they can be worn all year around. By changing the clothing worn beneath, our silk kimonos can transform an everyday outfit at any time of year. When wearing a ddoo collective kimono you will exude elegance and feel confident and beautiful, ready to take on your next adventure. It doesn't matter whether that adventure takes you to the city streets of London or to the beautiful beaches of Bali, your kimono will always be suitable.

embroidered silk kimono from behind

The kimono is the ultimate travel garment this season, but we are sure that its timeless nature will make it fashionable for many years to come. Your high quality habotai silk kimonos will accompany you on countless future journeys. 

luxury silk boarding pack - ddoo collective furoshiki