Getting to Know Yoga Teacher Zephyr

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Here at ddoo collective, we simply love yoga. From the way it makes you feel during the exercise, to the plethora of benefits it offers afterwards, and these incredible features make it a key part of our everyday lives. It helps us to relax, restore and find peace in our lives, and with so many styles of yoga openly available today, there is much to waiting to be discovered.Yoga offers a perfect balance between a challenge and an enjoyable, relaxing activity that can be done by almost anyone, almost anywhere.

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Our friend and yoga teacher Zephyr gave us a little insight into her life in a recent interview, and we have decided to share this with you today! Whether you have never even tried yoga or you’ve long had a passion for it, we’re sure that you’ll find this interview incredibly interesting and inspiring, as we did.

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How did you first get into yoga?

I feel strongly that you can’t “get” yoga, it “gets” you when you are ready. I rebelled in my youth resisting the Yoga my mum exposed me to, however due to a serious physical ailment I found myself back practicing in London at 20 years old. I resisted, as it was the most painful form of rehabilitation, however after a practice the reduction of pain, the emotional release and the mental clarity was what hooked me. I found my way back into a loving relationship with my body, mind and spirit after many years fighting it.

How long have you been practicing yoga for?

I have been seriously committed to practicing yoga since 1998. Before that it was play, watching my mother and her friends practice yoga. 

What does yoga mean to you?

Georg Feuerstein put it best, simply, “Yoga is an art and science of disciplining the body, mind and breath.”

Yoga is an intimate relationship between everything one experiences creatively expressed through mindful movement of the body and breath. It is the gathering of self-knowledge, cultivation of vitality and skillful means in navigating through our lives with efficiency and potency. This shapes our physical, mental and spiritual health. This takes a daily commitment to the study of Yoga, hence why we see it as a discipline.

How has yoga helped you?

Yoga has helped me to discover the healing potential inside myself, guided by my teachers and practice. I have been able to understand more about constitutionally who I am, my limitations and how to thrive even when we suffer (as all of us do). At the same time exploring “who I am,” yoga opens the experience of something beyond my conditioned consciousness, which reveals the essence of “what I am.” Today, I live with clarity to see things objectively, a deeper acceptance in how my life has unfolded and I have greater impact to whatever I direct my mind to do. My life is simple, enjoyable and filled with loving connections due to my yoga practices.

What is your favourite thing about yoga?

The effortlessness, peace, contentment, stillness, connection, trust and faith (the list can go on pointing to the effects of practicing) I feel as a result of a yoga practice.

Where is your favourite place to travel?

Here are my top 3 places I have recently enjoyed teaching and practicing yoga at. 

  • 1 Exotic and beautiful Azaren nestled below the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
  • 2 Serene and majestic Dunton Hot Springs tucking into the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA.
  • 3 Mythical and secluded Itha108 in Ithaca, Greece.

Name 5 suitcase essentials for a yoga retreat.

Easy washable yoga leggings and top.

A favourite essential oil.

Non-slip mat.

An inspiring book.

And comfortable light clothing to relax in, my favourite is Ddoo Collective silk kaftans! 

What advice would you give to someone eager to try yoga?

Try at least 6 different teachers, classes and styles to make your mind up if it is for you or not. Find a teacher who has something within them that you aspire to yourself. Don’t be fooled by party tricks, contortion poses or gymnastic feats. Seek classes that are safe, physically achievable, energetically manageable and sustainable for your life where you find it. 

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As mentioned by Zephyr, our silk clothing collections are the perfect garments for a yoga retreat, offering freedom of movement and ultimate comfort with no compromise in style. Browse the collections today to discover the ultimate yoga retreat wardrobe with ddoo collective. If this piece has inspired you to take up yoga or to make more time to enjoy the therapeutic practice, we’d love to hear from you! Share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram @ddoocollective.

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