The History of Silk Fisherman Trousers

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A pair of silk fisherman trousers are a key element of our luxury travel wardrobe; their comfort and elegance mean that they can easily transition from day to night. The range of colours and patterns mean that there is a pair to suit every personality and every travel destination! Whether you are relaxing on a beach, wondering what to wear to your next yoga retreat, or simply in search of something new for your everyday wardrobe, the fisherman trousers are a perfect choice! Learn more about this beautiful garment’s history with us today…

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What are fisherman trousers?

There are several other names which are used for a pair of fisherman trousers, including Thai pants, or Thai trousers. These lightweight trousers are suitable for both men and women, and with their characteristic tie waist, this means that one size will fit all. It is thought that the same size could fit around 90% of the adult population! Their shape is relatively loose, with a wide, ¾ length leg, which is then synched at the waist to create a beautiful shape, complementing both male and female figures.  


Where did fisherman trousers originate?

As the name suggests, these trousers were traditionally worn by the fisherman in Thailand. Available in a range of materials including cotton, rayon, hemp and bamboo, they were worn primarily for comfort. The thin material allowed them to stay cool all the day through and the loose style meant that they could easily move about, uninhibited by the garments worn. The materials were also chosen for their fast-drying abilities – a vital element for a fisherman’s clothing during a long day at work. Before gaining popularity with mainstream culture, these trousers were only available in two colours: blue and black. The fisherman trousers evolved out of necessity, having once been a sarong style skirt. The fishermen soon discovered that these skirts were not secure enough for their physically demanding jobs – and that is where the idea for fisherman trousers first came.

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How are fisherman trousers worn in today’s culture?

Today, these trousers are worn all over the world as a statement of fashion, for workout wear, or for a casual day at the beach. Our fisherman trousers are made from fine 100% habotai silk, meaning that they will keep you cool on a hot summers day and feel wonderful against the skin. They are available to buy in an incredibly wide range of colours, patterns and materials and are a travel essential for every gypsetter’s wardrobe!


How do you wear fisherman trousers?

Fisherman trousers are a very versatile item of clothing; they can be paired with a simple white t-shirt or camisole and a pair of strappy sandals for a casual summer look. Alternatively, paired with an embroidered camisole and a pair of simple heels, you can embrace a boho-chic elegance like no other. These trousers are also perfect for yoga and meditation, so you can travel with these in your capsule wardrobe, knowing that there are several outfits which can be created from this one statement piece. The possibilities really are endless!

Take a look at the video below to see how our fisherman trousers are tied to create a perfect silhouette.

How do you like you like to wear your fisherman trousers? We’d love to hear from you! 

how to wear fisherman trousers