The iconic Kaftan dress: a travel wardrobe must-have

A brief history of the kaftan

If you are a free spirit who loves to travel, you have probably put a lot of thought into crafting the perfect travel wardrobe – and yours undoubtedly includes a kaftan. One of the most versatile and chic pieces in any travellers’ bag, the kaftan dress effortlessly emits timeless elegance and boho chic, no matter what the locale. perpetual state of flux and fluidity....

As a style of loose fitting dress, the kaftan emerged thousands of years ago in Arabia and Northern Africa. Treasured across the centuries for its comfortable shape and practical applications, the garment was originally worn by both men and women. 

By the 1960s the kaftan dress had emerged as a bold fashion choice, and legendary fashionista Diana Vreeland once remarked that it was “fashion for the beautiful people.” Over the past 60 years, the kaftan has remained a fashion staple, known for its ability to flatter the figures of a wide variety of body types. 

A travel companion no woman can do without

Every traveller has a unique sartorial point of view that comes through when they wander the souks of Morocco, lounge on Thai beaches or sip lassi in an Indian ashram. The kaftan dress can take you through these locales with a sensual style and bohemian beauty.

The ddoo Collective Peony Kaftan is one such example of a truly versatile garment that can take you from a yoga class to the beach, from the market to the gallery and from sunset cocktails to a gourmet meal. Evoking the timeless beauty of the Orient, this kaftan belongs in the travel bag of any fashionable globetrotter. 


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