When should you wear Bohemian chic ?

If you are a true individual who loves to mix and match styles from different decades and every corner of the planet, your style can probably be described as Bohemian, or as Boho Chic.

Bohemian chic

Boho Chic women effortlessly radiate a timeless sense of cool; their look is exciting and fresh, making a huge impression on all who see them without even trying. This is a style that many women would love to try – but they want to know: when should one wear Boho Chic?

Here are just a few of the most suitable times and places when you should really rock this look.


  • At any music Festival – Bohemian style is sometimes referred to a “Festival Fashion” for a reason! Whether you are heading to Glastonbury or Coachella, Boho Chic styles can be practical while truly letting your wild side show.
  • On a beach holiday – From Goa to Ibiza, Cairns to Nice – Bohemian style looks gorgeous on the beach. Take your ensemble from the sand to the nightclub by adding a pair of heels and sweeping your hair into an artfully messy chignon.
  • At a summer wedding – If you plan to take this style to a wedding, ensure that your look is well put together. Maybe skip the torn denim short shorts and opt for silky kimonos paired with a bold belt, strappy sandals and gorgeous vintage jewelry.
  • Out for brunch – Planning to start your Saturday with friends at a boozy brunch? A floppy hat, Jackie O inspired shades and a simple sundress will help you look your best.

Boho chic styleAs you can see, this is an incredibly versatile style that can take you from the festival to a wedding – and everything in between.