Will Boho Chic last forever ?

Boho Chic clothing: will it last forever?
One of the constants you can count on in this world is change, especially in the fashion industry. Fashion and style is in a perpetual state of flux and fluidity, and new trends emerge every single season, not just in the international fashion houses of Milan and Paris, but also in the markets of India and on the beaches of Spain.
Boho Chic aims to incorporate international flair and older, timeless looks into a very modern point of view, making it a contemporary and creative way to dress.  Everything old becomes new again. While change is a given, another adage is often repeated in the fashion industry: everything old becomes new again! If you are lucky, your mum saved her 1970s denim and ‘60s mod dresses, as these vintage looks are now very much in style again. Whether referencing art deco, glam rock, a ‘70s hippie vibe or ‘90s grunge, these trends have cycled back and are now a vital part of the contemporary fashion scene.

What is Boho Chic?
An ever-shifting fashion point of view? Vintage finds paired with current designer brands? Looks that blend festival couture with vibrant international pieces? This is Bohemian chic, and because it by definition incorporates old with new, it cannot go out of style.Always in fashion.
By pairing your favourite travel finds with rich fabrics, on-trend silhouettes and decadent designer accessories, a Bohemian sense of style will always be in fashion. Allow your inner creativity, personal sartorial flair and effortless beauty shine through, knowing that you are always in style and always in fashion.