A call to all adventurers

ddoo collective started as an adventure: four women and one man, five very different personalities and one common quest, brought together by strong friendship and a love for travelling, restless, inquisitive minds and a tendency to daydreaming. 

So, if you feel “adventurous” yourself, if you like to go on a journey or just to dream about it, if you love craftsmanship that expresses a tradition and has a story to tell or just like to think about the future of fashion, this blog is for you to write.
We shall tell you how we ddoo it, you will tell us how you ddoo it.

woman in silk clothing exploring the sea

Travel: good for the heart and soul

Travelling is good for you; it can benefit your body, heart, soul and mind collectively. As you see the chance in front of you to take a step out of your comfort zone and try something new whilst travelling, you should learn to take every opportunity as a blessing, leading you down a path to contentment.
magenta long pareo skirt

Unwrapping the mystery of the pareo

A pareo is an absolute staple in any gypsetters wardrobe, offering the feel of ultimate comfort and elegance whilst travelling. Many have never heard of a pareo, so we are here today to unwrap the mystery and offer an insight into these beautiful wrap garments and the history of their beginnings. 

tea where a silk cocoon was found

The history of silk

Silk is one of the oldest fibres known to man; its illuminating features and ultimate softness mean that it is a much-loved material, which holds connotations of sheer luxury, elegance and comfort. Here at ddoo collective, all of our garments are made from 100% habotai silk, ensuring that the high-quality cloth is long-lasting and feels as luxurious on the skin as it looks beautiful on the outside.
woman in silk clothing watching the sunset

Bring boho chic into your home

While you may already have embraced the boho chic elegance in your wardrobe, why not take this trend a step further and bring it into your home? Boho chic style will fill your interiors with a sense of calm and contentment, allowing you to free your mind and enjoy the space around you to the full.
boardwalk on the sea in a gypset destination

Why minimalist packing is the way forward

Whether you are a frequent traveller or someone who only has time to venture further afield a few times a year, there is a lot that can be learnt about your style of packing. Although we often feel as if to be fully prepared for a trip away we must pack everything we own - bar the kitchen sink - this is simply not the case. 

images of the silk boarding pack

The silk boarding pack: A luxury travel essential

An essential piece of our luxury silk travel collections are the ddoo collective silk boarding packs. Offering a packing solution to ensure that your delicate silk garments are perfectly prepared for your next journey. Having taken inspiration from the Japanese furoshiki, we explore the origins, practicality and beauty of our silk boarding packs.
beautiful sunset views over Polynesia

A Polynesian Style Escapade

Whether you have already spent time traveling throughout these magical islands or you are pining for the day you will make it to the South Pacific, if you’re anything like the team here at ddoo collective, you love Polynesia. This season, we have decided to showcase our admiration for this region of the world…
silk kimono in the encre en chine collection

Encre de Chine - A chic fashion moment

Here at ddoo collective, we are always trying to push the boundaries of boho chic style and create capsules and collections that delight our clients and flatter their bodies. We take our inspiration from around the globe, travelling to the hottest travel spots and tried and true destinations alike.