A call to all adventurers

ddoo collective started as an adventure: four women and one man, five very different personalities and one common quest, brought together by strong friendship and a love for travelling, restless, inquisitive minds and a tendency to daydreaming. 

So, if you feel “adventurous” yourself, if you like to go on a journey or just to dream about it, if you love craftsmanship that expresses a tradition and has a story to tell or just like to think about the future of fashion, this blog is for you to write.
We shall tell you how we ddoo it, you will tell us how you ddoo it.

ddoo does jewellery

In today’s clatter of styles, craftsmanship and quality offer us a moment of quiet reflection. ddoo collective has always stood for essentiality, clarity of design and heritage linked to creative intuition...

Women of Tohoku

I never thought I would visit Tohoku. I am a tourist, after all. Open minded, discerning, cultured all you want but still a tourist. Not a doctor, a social worker, not even an artist – people of social utility...

Why do we travel?

Curiosity, desire for knowledge, a well deserved rest, an astonishing adventure, old friends, new friends, sometimes we look for novelty, sometimes we look for ourselves. Whatever the reason...

Let's ddoo dinner!

I am very excited: tonight the ddoo-collective is coming to dinner.We four girls and one guy are very rigorous about reinterpreting tradition and valuing artisanal skills, so I have decided I am going to impress...

The kimono quest

It goes like this: you see something, a kimono, say, worn at the right place and time, and it is pretty and exotic and it makes a good picture. And then the picture stays with you, leaving a vague longing...

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