Silk Boarding Pack

Our luxury silk boarding pack is an accessory that we think the gypset traveller should not be without. Inspired by Japanese furoshiki, this is a perfect addition to your travel wardrobe; representing the Japanese mind-set that if you arrange your items, you arrange your mind. 

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The simple square of silk can be transformed into an elegantly tied package to carry your silk clothing as well as many other precious items. The silk boarding pack will help you to clear your mind to enjoy your journey to the full in fitting with the Japanese philosophy. This ensures that no suitcase space is wasted and your garments are perfectly protected on your journey, no matter how far you travel. This traditional item has been transformed and utilised to offer a practical and beautiful packing option that you will love for many years to come. Our furoshiki will be the perfect companion to any of our other ddoo collective items of silk clothing; therefore we offer our silk boarding packs are offered as a gift with the purchase of any two articles to allow you to complete your travel wardrobe. Browse our Philosophy to find out more how we have been inspired by the Japanese furoshiki. Take your pick from the exclusive designs offered below and transform the way you pack for your next trip forever. 

Boarding pack Furoshiki

100% silk
our boarding pack is inspired by the furoshiki.

the Japanese have always wrapped things in cloth to carry them around, to transport their wares or to protect and decorate a gift.

our clothes can be rolled up and carried in a boarding pack. they fold beautifully, you untie your boarding pack and a new story begins.

free furoshiki offered for a purchase of two articles 

15.00£ 15.00

wash care


In the Japanese tradition, a furoshiki is a piece of material, at times very precious, at times sturdy and functional, used to wrap up things as the perfect carry-all for anything and everything, from a humble watermelon to the most prized kimono.

A furoshiki also represents a state of mind: Japanese people say that when they arrange things in one, they tidy up their mind, bringing order to the world around them.

ddoo boarding pack is inspired by the furoshiki, to help you simplify your travel-ling wardrobe. All our pieces roll up or fold beautifully into a silk bag that fits neatly in your suitcase until you untie it… and a new story begins!