Interview Jean-Francois Verganti

Jean-François Verganti is the photographer in charge of illustrating ddoo collective universe when the first two collections appeared online. He did it with extreme sensitivity and a complete understanding of the ddoo idea of femininity: a confident woman who travels with eyes wide open, reads, dreams, questions the world and is not afraid of the unusual, the unconventional, the unknown.

This time again, Jean-François’s atmospheric pictures express and complete the visual impact created by Encre de Chine, ddoo-collective’s capsule collection, ready in time for your next trip.

Jean-François, your series of photographs for Encre de Chine is mesmerizing. Tell us what gave you the idea.

From time to time I like to paint using Chinese ink. While cleaning my brushes, I was struck by the flowing shapes ink created in water. I felt that anybody looking at those beautiful forms would be transported in a world of his own imagination.

Are you a “traveller”?
When I was young I travelled extensively with my parents, and now I often go abroad because of my job; I like to go on a jour ney, for me it is always a great source of new ideas and a spiritual experience.

What are you trying to express with your work?
It is a complex question. I express myself through images, I love creating and through pictures I am trying to reproduce what I see in my mind: to explain it would be a different matter and a psychoanalyst’s job!

And what role does imagination play?
Imagination is primal, indispensable in my work.


What are the ideas that most influenced you?
My passion for photography began, I believe, when I was twelve and I first saw Michelangelo Antonioni’s film “Blow Up”. I started following the photographers that I felt were the most interesting and gifted, especially Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Paolo Roversi and a few others. These artists had developed a particular style to express their emotions. I must also add that to celebrate feminine beauty has always been and always will be a great motivation for me.


Tell us about your collaboration with ddoo-collective.
When ddoo-collective contacted me in 2014 by to shoot their first collection, I discovered I could recognise myself in their artistic world.Taking pictures for the Encre de Chine collection I also realised how much silk remains the best material to enhance beauty and elegance.