Silk Shawl

Our luxury silk shawls are the ultimate travel accessories that no gypset traveller should be without! Available in a range of bold and beautiful colours, these pieces of fine silk offer a versatile option wherever your adventures may take you!

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Made from 100% habotai silk, these beautiful shawls offer a true sense of luxury and elegance. ddoo as you like and fashion these garments into a wrap skirt, a chic belt or a sleek top for an easy wearing piece, transitioning from day to night in a simple accessory. These items work wonderfully well with the other garments in our luxury silk travel clothing collection as staple pieces that are made for longevity and love. The wearable nature of this fabric means that no matter whether you are walking the city streets of New York or relaxing on the beaches of Dubai you will always feel in place and in style. Take your pick from the colours of black, hibiscus, tangerine and plum and complete your travel wardrobe with a collection of ddoo collective items. Enhance your femininity with the beautiful drape of our silk shawls and see how they hug your figure creating the perfect silhouette. Alternatively, these can bring a sense of chic into your home, be it draped over a window or settled over a bedspread. Be sure that you aren’t without on your next adventure and invest in a silk shawl today! 

étole en soie
étole en soie

étole 100% soie

s’envelopper dans 180 x130 cm de soie éelagante, ceinture, châle, haut, paréo... C'est à vous de choisir !

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