Kurta Dress

The ddoo collective kurta dress is a simple yet stunning, limited edition piece. Made from 100% habotai silk, these dresses have been created using traditional tie-dye techniques, ensuring that each and every piece is truly unique.

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These two pieces have been inspired by tradition, from the Shanghai of the 30s to the French Polynesian actress Tarita; and the garments have been transformed by imagination to create the timeless and wearable pieces you see before you. The kurta dress is a perfect garment for beach wedding guests; to wear to a yoga retreat; a sunny day out shopping or for relaxing on the beach, offering a versatile travel wardrobe essential that can transition from day to night in an effortless manner. Our luxury silk dresses can be paired with anything, with classy heeled sandals offering a chic and sophisticated look, whilst the addition of shorts and sunglasses create a more casual style, but stunning nonetheless. The exclusive designs on offer pair perfectly with the other silk travel clothing items in our collections, meaning that they can be interchanged with one another to create elegant and unique outfits with ease. Take your pick from the timeless orchid print, or the vibrant Tarita style, and pack your silk kurta dress for your next travel adventure and be prepared for any event. Offering ultimate comfort from the high quality silk, and a gorgeous natural silhouette, the kurta dress is a must-have item when travelling to any gypset destinations. 

short paréo garden
short paréo garden

short paréo en soie, un vêtement de plage de luxe

Short en soie imprimée d'une couleur vive qui évoque un jardin frais et parfumé.

210.00£ 210.00

Notre “ boarding-pack” en soie vous est offert à l’achat d’un second article

Short pareo imprimé en soie

100% soie habotai
Imprimé exclusif
Conçu sans couture côté

Une journée à la mer

Portez-le avec un bikini et une chemise ouverte en coton. Ce short possède une petite touche de poésie et d’exotisme.