Pareo Trousers

Our pareo trousers have evolved from the origins of the pareo in Tahiti to a versatile and wearable item. Exuding elegance and femininity, our silk trousers are a versatile option to pack into your luxury travel wardrobe that you will love for many years to come.

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These silk pareo trousers are available in a wide range of exclusive designs, prints and colours, ensuring that there are a pair to suit every personality. Opt for vibrant hibiscus and the latest addition to our range, the Mahana, or pick something a little subtler with the black or plum colour options. Our items mix and match together perfectly so that you can create a luxury capsule wardrobe where you love each and every piece. Embrace the boho-chic style with these silk trousers and you will feel free wherever you are; from your living room or a yoga retreat to the city streets or a beautiful beach – pareo trousers can be worn anywhere! The unique way that our trousers tie around the hips or waist ensure that each pair fits their wearer to perfection, flattering every figure and adding elegance to any outfit. Our silk trousers look wonderful with strappy heeled sandals or flat leather shoes, with a tapered ankle slimming the silhouette. Invest in your very own pair of pareo trousers today and begin your journey to creating the ultimate travel wardrobe.

pantalon paréo dragonfly
pantalon paréo dragonfly

Pantalon paréo en soie, notre best-seller. il est la parfaite illustration du style "boho chic”

Imprimé dragonfly de ce pantalon paréo est inspiré du Japon et de notre collection "La chasse à la luciole”.
250.00£ 250.00

Notre “ boarding-pack” en soie vous est offert à l’achat d’un second article

Pantalon pareo imprimé en soie

100% soie habotai
Conçu sans couture côté

La Biennale de Venise

Portez-le avec une longue chemise tangerine, des chaussures plates et un cabas en cuir. Chic et tendance, pour un look unique et exclusif.