Pareo Shorts

Our exclusive range of pareo shorts has evolved from the traditional pareo skirt, tying at the waist to create a beautiful silhouette for your travels. Build your luxury travel wardrobe today and add a splash of colour with these silk shorts!

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Whether you choose to wear your pareo shorts with a simple bikini, an open cotton shirt or a patterned camisole, their versatility ensures that your outfit will exude elegance wherever you go. The garden print shorts are perfect for a summer party or a day at the seaside creating the ultimate barefoot chic outfit; add a pair of simple leather sandals or strappy heels to transition the outfit from day to night with ease. Or the midnight and tangerine alternatives give a classic and timeless look that you could take anywhere. These shorts offer a sense of poetry an exoticism that ensures that your style stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Made from 100% habotai silk, you can rest assured that no matter where in the world you may be, your pareo shorts will leave you feeling comfortable and confident in your adventures. Pack your silk tie shorts away into our luxury boarding pack and head off to your favourite gypset location to enjoy the experiences that await you.

short paréo garden
short paréo garden

short paréo en soie, un vêtement de plage de luxe

Short en soie imprimée d'une couleur vive qui évoque un jardin frais et parfumé.

210.00£ 210.00

Notre “ boarding-pack” en soie vous est offert à l’achat d’un second article

Short pareo imprimé en soie

100% soie habotai
Imprimé exclusif
Conçu sans couture côté

Une journée à la mer

Portez-le avec un bikini et une chemise ouverte en coton. Ce short possède une petite touche de poésie et d’exotisme.