The Benefits and Pleasures of Silk Clothing

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Silk has an extensive history of prestige, having once only been reserved for royalty due to its rare nature, but today is accessible to all. It is a personal favourite of ours, which can be seen throughout our collections as they are all made from high quality 100% habotai silk. We have long loved this fine fabric and all its qualities and think it is simply perfect for our elegant travellers. Come on a journey with us today to discover the pleasures and benefits that silk clothing can offer:

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Properties of Silk

Silk is a natural fibre that is made by an insect called a silk worm; fine silk has properties of being incredibly soft and luxurious, as well as versatile and durable. It is celebrated as the strongest natural fibre known to man, and possibly the most prestigious too! This means that it is a fantastic material to use for clothing, ensuring longevity and elegance in every piece.

Silk is also highly breathable, meaning that it will keep you cool in the heat, and preserve your heat in the cold, helping to regulate your body’s temperature whatever the climate. It won’t cling to your body or become static, but will simply drape over your figure to create the ultimate elegant silhouette.

The hypoallergenic nature of silk means that even the most sensitive of skin will not be irritated by this fine fabric. It is particularly helpful to those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema with its soft touch and non-irratative feel.

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Beauty of Silk

The lustre of silk is simply stunning and adds an additional element to every piece made of it; this is due to its smooth fibres. As a natural fibre, it is easily dyed and printed, bringing new life to each and every colour. From its natural sheen to the uniform surface, silk is possibly one of the most beautiful fibres to have ever been created!

Not only does silk look beautiful when used in clothing, but it can also offer many health and beauty benefits to the wearer. Aside from helping your body to regulate temperature, studies have also shown that sleeping on silk pillows and sheets or wearing silk clothing can help your skin to retain moisture and elasticity. This helps you to preserve your youthful glow and can help to ease the symptoms of many skin conditions; it can even help to make your hair healthier and shinier!

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Ease of Silk

Alongside the beautiful way that silk takes colour, some types of this material are also incredibly easy to look after and to keep in peak condition.  Garments made from the fibre stay relatively crease-free, even when packing into our luxury boarding packs for your adventures. The ‘silky’ smooth nature of the fibres also means that it is a pleasure to sew, knit and weave with. Adding an element or two of silk to your outfit will leave you looking effortlessly elegant, feeling fantastic and completely comfortable no matter where your next adventure takes you!

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Silk Facts

  • Silk can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without even feeling damp; this is particularly useful to help you stay cool by absorbing any droplets of sweat produced in the heat.
  • Silk naturally repels mould and mildew, meaning it will stay fresher than most other natural fabrics.
  • The fibres of silk are naturally elastic, which means that they can stretch up to 20% without becoming misshapen or breaking.
  • Silk is a timeless textile that is very much a part of cultures all over the world. With its longevity, prestige and high quality characteristics, we know that silk is something that we will treasure forever!
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