Exploring the World of Colour with ddoo

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Everywhere you turn there is a wide array of beautiful colours, from bright, vibrant colours to muted pastel shades. Colour has always fascinated humanity for as long as history tells, and each colour has its own story. Come with us today to explore the world of colour with ddoo and learn a little more about the history of these beautiful tones and what they represent.


What is colour?

It is quite difficult to define colour as it is such a complex and intricate feature of our world. However, the dictionary definition of colour is: “The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on to the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.”

What does colour mean to us?

Colour to us is part of an expression of self; from the natural environments which exude colour and stimulate our curiosity, to the choices we make to wear colours in our clothing. Just as nature expresses itself largely through colour, so do we through the choices we make each and every day. Although subconsciously, we often choose colours to wear which reflect our current mood or feeling. Each colour has its own connotations and related feelings or stories, which differ from culture to culture.

Here are a few of the key things that colours are seen to represent:

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Red is a colour which is known to symbolise an incredibly eclectic range of emotions, from love, lust and passion, to anger, bloodshed and aggression. This can largely depend on the culture: for example, in China, women marry in red as it is said to symbolise fertility, good health and good fortune. Red has also long been seen as a sign of royalty, and is said to be one of the oldest colours in the world!

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The colour blue is known widely to represent royalty, particularly in the form of ‘royal blue’. This is partially as it was once the most expensive colour to artificially recreate for pigments. Blue is also seen to relate to characteristics such as loyalty, wisdom, faith, truth telling and intelligence. It is known as the colour of ‘calm’ due to the soothing nature of the sea and the sky.

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Yellow is commonly associated with happiness, sunshine, warmth, new life and knowledge. It is said to be the most eye-catching due to its natural vibrancy and is closely associated with the connotations of gold, strength and wealth. This is also one of the oldest colours in the world, having been the first colour to be used to create paintings on cave walls.

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Green makes us think of plants. It is a colour of growth, new life and balance, commonly seen to represent positivity and happiness.

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Purple is the colour of imagination and is commonly associated with mythical and magical roots. Certain deep shades are also seen as a royal colour, representing luxurious grandeur and wealth.

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The most commonly known association with pink is that of romance and love; it also represents femininity, playfulness and health. In the modern world, pale shades of pink such as ‘millennial pink’ are often related to wealth.

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In a similar nature to yellow, orange also exudes elements of warmth, happiness and energy, as well as strength. It is also a sign of creativity; so if you’ve ever experiencing an artistic or writer’s block, pop on your travel in colour silk kimono and watch the creativity flow!

Which is your favourite colour to wear and why? We’d love to hear from you on our social media channels!

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