Encre de Chine - A chic fashion moment

encre en chine collection featuring the silk kimono

We know that our clients are just as likely to be lounging on a white sand beach as they are giving a presentation in a boardroom, and we aim to create fashion solutions that can bridge this gap. From your wildest cocktail hour to your most meditative hours, our clothes are designed to transform your life.

One of our latest collections, Encre de Chine, takes its inspiration from the ancient wisdom of the world's most populous country: China. From the bustling streets of Shanghai to the hilltop temples of Tibet, China is an incredibly diverse country that provides artists and fashionistas with endless possibilities.

Translating to “China Ink,” the Encre de Chine collection is all about storytelling, blank canvases and splashing the literal and metaphorical ink of imagination all over our lives. This capsule features stunning embroidered silk kimonos, our best selling pareo trousers and skirts, and our effortlessly boho chic kurta dresses – it is as perfect for your travel wardrobe as it is for your day to day life.

Drape your frame with these luxurious silks and let your imagination be whisked away to Xian, Chengdu and Beijing – these dark reds, mysterious blacks and soft white and grey orchids will evoke the eternal allure of China.
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