Crafting a travel wardrobe for 2017

wear our silk kimonos to Gypset destionations

There are countless style trends cycling through the magazines and blogs at any given time, but one thing is guaranteed: Gypset travel fashion will never go out of style.

A combination that is equal parts Stevie Nicks and Audrey Hepburn, boho chic kaftans, kimonos and silk scarves are the ideal garments to swaddle your body as you travel this year. No matter where you are travelling in 2017, ensure that your suitcase and valise are filled with luxurious, lightweight garments that will set you apart from the masses.

Skirts and dresses inspired by flowing silk saris; luscious kimonos based loosely on Japanese designs and silk kaftans that seem to float on air: the mark of a truly stylish woman is her ability to blend and mix the traditions and fashions found around the world.

One of the most important things to consider when packing your bags is how well your garments can travel – after all, a lovely suitcase filled with pretty dresses is useless if everything comes out a wrinkled mess.

We love the way
 ddoo collective packs and ships their Gypset offerings. All of their stunning styles come rolled up and packed in a Japanese furoshiki’ silk bag, allowing you to simplify your travelling wardrobe.

Considering these small details will help you to choose the perfect clothing to pack when you are preparing for your next holiday abroad. Bon Voyage!

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