The silk boarding pack: A luxury travel essential

images of our beautiful silk boarding pack

An essential piece of our luxury silk travel collections are the ddoo collective silk boarding packs. Offering a packing solution to ensure that your delicate silk garments are perfectly prepared for your next journey. Having taken inspiration from the Japanese furoshiki, we explore the origins, practicality and beauty of our silk boarding packs.

What is a furoshiki?

A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that is used to transport goods such as clothing and gifts. Usually formed from a square of cloth, furoshiki come in a wide range of sizes, patterns and styles. This simple piece of cloth offers a sturdy and functional way to transport a wide variety of precious goods from silk kimonos to bundles of fresh fruit. The square of cloth is tied in simple knots to secure the contents and offer an easy and effortless way to transport many different items.

Our silk boarding packs draw on inspiration from the Japanese furoshiki for a practical and elegant way to store our silk garments with ease. This ensures that the pieces are kept safe and crease free, whilst not taking up any more precious room than necessary.

Economy of space

Economy of space is a Japanese philosophy that delves into the way we use space, from the areas within our homes to the precious partitions of our suitcases. The economy of space philosophy encourages you to think about the items you prioritise most, to use your space sparingly and efficiently.

The Japanese also support the theory that when you arrange your personal items, you arrange your mind. This leaves your mind clean and clear, ready to gain fresh knowledge from the adventures you embark upon. Maximise the potential of your space and minimise the waste with our chic boarding packs.

mount fuji in Japan

Beauty in the form

The way that the furoshiki can be tied is like a form of art, with different interpretations giving unique and interesting shapes. In Japan, form is often used to express words and ideas. The form of both ddoo collective’s silk clothing and boarding packs exudes elegance and allows you to express your personal style through your garments of choice. The better you get to know your silk boarding pack, the further you will delve into the creativity of tying. These pieces can be used time and time again due to their longevity and versatility. Our silk boarding backs are sure to become an essential in your luxury travel wardrobe for many years to come.

Why did ddoo collective introduce the silk boarding pack?

The silk boarding pack was added to our range of luxury silk clothing to offer a solution to simplify the travel wardrobe. This boarding pack is an essential for the elegant traveller. You can roll up or fold your silk garments to sit neatly within the pack and tie it to perfection. Once you arrive at your destination you simply untie the bow and your adventure can begin. We offer our version of the furoshiki as a gift with the purchase of any two articles of clothing to ensure that you and your garments are perfectly prepared for your next trip.

How to use our silk boarding pack

The use of our silk boarding packs couldn’t be simpler. Place your rolled or folded item/items of clothing into the centre of the pack, then take two opposite corners and tie them together. Bring the final two corners together and tie in a simple knot to secure the pack. This creates a knot that can act as a handle for ease of use and will keep your beautiful garments or gifts safe on your journey. Once you arrive at your gypset destination, you can untie the knot, release your garments and enjoy the feel of the silk against your skin wherever you may be.

The versatility of the furoshiki

Although we primarily suggest our silk boarding packs to be used in combination with items of our collections, they can also be used in other ways. Wrap a gift to your loved one in the silk furoshiki for a unique and personal touch. Transform one of these silk squares into an elegant headscarf to keep your hair in place on a windy day. Or organise your drawers at home and be ready to travel for any opportunity that could be right around the corner. Organise your clothing and your home to clear your mind with the help of our Japanese inspired silk boarding packs. 

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