Why minimalist packing is the way forward

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Whether you are a frequent traveller or someone who only has time to venture further afield a few times a year, there is a lot that can be learnt about your style of packing. Although we often feel as if to be fully prepared for a trip away we must pack everything we own - bar the kitchen sink - this is simply not the case. By lessening the load that you carry around on your gypset adventures, you can begin to free your mind of worry and get more out of both your clothing and your travel. Read on to learn more about this lighter way of life.

The minimalism trend
The minimalism trend is something that has seeped into the mainstream media over the past few years. As people around the world begin to see the value in high-quality clothing and objects that have been made for longevity, many have realised that having fewer prized possessions has made them much happier and more content than owning masses of meaningless artefacts. Carefully considered purchases have given them a greater and longer-lasting sense of enjoyment and this has revolutionised the way they now buy. This is a trend that can be applied to your entire lifestyle; however, before embarking on a complete routine change, learning to pack like a minimalist is a good place to start. The minimalism trend could change the way you live and travel so why not give it a chance on your next holiday!

Why is minimalist packing the way forward?
By packing in a minimalist way, you reduce the waste of space within your suitcase and within your mind. Travelling light means that there will be no more uncomfortable tugging heavy luggage along, and no more rifling through the mountains of beautifully folded clothing to find that one dress you wish to wear. By choosing to pack in a minimalist manner, you free your mind, save yourself time and will never have to worry about what to wear again. Ensure that you pack key pieces that you truly love and your style will be effortlessly elegant and chic, ready for whatever opportunity may come your way. They  should fill you with confidence, exude your inner positivity and give a glimpse of your hidden personality. These items will do the talking: and a carefully considered travel wardrobe will help you to develop your individual style and find the clothing that is most suited to you and your lifestyle.

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How to maximise your minimalist packing potential
You too can be a part of this trend, swapping mass-produced items with little or no meaning for beautiful pieces that you will love for years to come. Clean out your travel wardrobe and leave yourself with just the essentials. Pick versatile pieces that can easily transition from one occasion to another and ensure that these pieces really show your personality, becoming a part of your identity. ddoo collective’s silk clothing collection offer the perfect selection of versatile, interchangeable items for your minimalist travel wardrobe. Take your pick from the beautiful silk pareo skirts or the Japanese-inspired silk kimonos and fold them into our handy boarding pack, then you’ll be set for your next adventure with a selection of garments that you will love for many years to come.

Extending minimalism to more than just your travels
Once you have taken the first step to a minimalist way of life and experienced the plethora of benefits that it can offer, you may wish to extend this into more than just your travels. The best place to start is, naturally, with your wardrobe. First, select the garments that most show off your individual style, make you feel comfortable, elegant and hold happy memories; these are the pieces that you are to keep. Then begin the ruthless journey to rid your wardrobe of the unnecessary pieces you haven’t worn for many years, yet you kept “just in case” you ever changed your mind. Once the clearing has been completed, you can extend it to each room within your home and then apply it to your buying habits. Remember, if you don’t fall in love with a garment, and it hasn’t been made for longevity, it doesn't meet the minimalist requirements of your new lifestyle.

By incorporating aspects of the minimalist style into your life, you will be able to arrange your home and arrange your mind. A tidy home (or suitcase) is a tidy mind, and you will be ready to take on the new inspirations and knowledge that await you, wherever you may be.  

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