One of the greatest pleasures of the summer months is the plethora of opportunities we have to take a trip away to an exotic location. No matter which gypset destination you are heading off to this year, you should never be without the pleasure of our luxury travel clothing – the ultimate collection for a gypsetter. Here are just a few summer suitcase essentials that you should never be without:

sunglasses in the sand

Signature sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses has more uses than simply to protect your eyes, with a stylish element that can really pull together an outfit, and a practical use of holding your hair from your face whilst you enjoy the shade. Every woman has their own style of signature sunglasses and treasures them as a handbag essential. Choose to go bold with a pair large round sunglasses for an on-trend look for 2017.

woman in a sunhat but the pool

A feminine sunhat

It is important to keep your skin protected from the sun, particularly when its rays are at peak between the hours of 11 and 3, so a sun hat is a fantastic way to keep your fragile skin sheltered. Opt for a large floppy hat for a truly sophisticated style that will pair perfectly with every item in your summer wardrobe.

Your luxury silk kaftan from 240.png

A ddoo Silk Kimono

Our luxury silk kimonos are the must-have summer accessory. Whether you use them as a beach cover-up over your swimwear or as a light jacket for an evening meal, one of our beautiful kimonos is the perfect option to keep you feeling comfortable without compromising on aesthetic. With a wide variety of options, you can take your pick from an embroidered short kimono to a vibrant long alternative: there’s something to suit every personality. The timeless nature of the pieces also means that you can treasure them for many years in each and every season!

silk pareo trousers from ddoo's dream in bali.png

A pair of pareo trousers

Our pareo trousers offer comfort whilst travelling; the light material ensures that you stay cool throughout your journey and the large variety of patterns and prints ensures that they can easily be adapted to any setting. Pair with a Rosa necklace and a pair of strappy heels for an elegant evening look, or a casual camisole and simple sandals if you’re heading off to the beach!


Barefoot Chic Sandals

When on holiday you want to be comfortable and able to dress with ease, so a simple pair of barefoot chic sandals is an essential. They can easily be paired with a wide range of outfits and mean that you can seamlessly transition from day to night. We recommend a high quality, comfortable pair of simple brown leather sandals, or a delicately embellished pair if you are seeking something glamorous.

a Maria Rosa ring.png


Jewellery is an essential part of any travel wardrobe, as each piece has the ability to pull an outfit together to perfection. From your staple necklace to a unique Rosa Maria ring, each element brings something a little different to bring out your personality in your outfit. When you are packing for a holiday it can often be difficult to narrow down your extensive collection to a few key pieces, however, this is what we would recommend bringing: one simple necklace, one statement necklace, two sets of earrings, two rings and a bracelet of your choosing. These can then be mixed and matched between outfits to build your everyday look or chic evening occasion.


Your luxury boarding pack

Packing has never been easier with our luxury silk boarding packs. Inspired by the Japanese furoshiki, this piece of silk wraps around your silk garments to perfection, ensuring that they are ready to wear as soon as you arrive. Furoshiki have been created based on the Japanese philosophy of economy of space, noting that when you organise your personal belongings, you organise your mind. So, packing your travel wardrobe into one of these silk squares will mean that you arrive at your destination with a clean, clear mind, ready for whatever journey you take. We offer our boarding packs as a gift with the purchase of any two articles.

woman on a beach in a gypset destination