Boho chic, gypset explained


What is Gypset clothing ?

For those of us not in the know, Gypset is a neologism, formed by the words gypsy and jet-set, describing a lifestyle that combines nomadic attitude and carefree luxury. Its inspiration comes from the seventies, with their laid-back attitude and penchant for cultural borrowing: in that spirit it mixes ethnic garments and the best of international fashion, a relaxed approach with a discerning taste for understated indulgence.



We have been asked many times: “Is ddoo collective Gypset clothing?”

While ddoo-collective clothes are not intentionally Gypset, the creative community of Gypset people could very well adopt them. The inspiration of ddoo collective is rigorously traditional, but our clothes are designed to fit a contemporary lifestyle. Pareo trousers, fisherman trousers and kimono jacket, for example, are perfect for circling around the globe or just enjoying the sun on a terrace in Marrakesh. ddoo prints are unique and imbued by our stylists with a memory of far-away places: India, Japan, China or Tahiti are not just destinations but countries of our imagination. In the best of Gypset culture, ddoo clothes are not ostentatious but nevertheless are made of silk for maximum comfort and understated luxury. ddoo wear them, they don’t wear you.


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