Long kaftans: silk or cotton, which one should you choose?

Kaftans are effortlessly chic garments that can transform your look from dull to simply stunning. Perfect for occasions as diverse as a beach holiday to an evening gala, kaftans are versatile, interesting and flattering to all body types.

boho chic eveninglong silk kaftan

Cotton or silk kaftans – which one is for you?

Kaftans are likely to come in an array of fabrics, but the most classic textiles used are cotton and silk. Here are just a few things to consider when deciding which fabric is better for your needs:

  • Dress code of the event – If you are planning to wear a long kaftan to an event, you should pay special attention to the suggested dress code. Is it a casual pool party? A cotton garment would probably be best. However, if you are attending a more formal event such as a wedding or a gala, a silk kaftan can be dressed up with accessories, heels, jewelry and a handbag.


  • Comfort – Both silk and cotton are breathable, natural and lightweight, making them perfect for even the hottest of climates. You may find cotton more comfortable if you are planning to stay seated for a long period of time, as it is less likely to wrinkle.

  • Personal style – Are you a slightly more casual person, or do you enjoy dressing to the nines? As a general rule, cotton is more laid back, while silk conveys luxury and richness.

  • Budget – Silk can often cost more than cotton (although the price of your garment is usually based on many factors), and so your budget might play a factor when you are making a decision about which kaftan to purchase.



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