Top Gypset travel destinations for 2016-2017

Gypsetters are free spirited and fashionable individuals who live and work in a nomadic state around the world, unencumbered by permanent addresses and often funded by online careers or independent wealth. Artists, designers, writers, and bon vivants.

if you crave adventure, have a fascinating past and love to travel in style, you just might be a gypsetter.

What is gypset travel?

Journalist Julia Chaplin coined the term “gypset” in 2009, using the term to refer to the lush lifestyles of effortlessly fashionable individuals with no fixed addresses. Chic, elegant and draped in truly wonderful clothing, Gypset travel is defined by a relaxed sophistication and dedication to style, no matter where in the world you find yourself.

And finding a Gypset traveller can be difficult indeed! Favourite Gypset travel destinations have one thing in common – they are remote and difficult to access. After all, a Gypsetter can afford to fall off the grid, and with no set itinerary they can travel to the furthest Indonesian islands or set sail for exotic Polynesian locales.

Top Gypset Travel Destinations for 2016

• Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Rugged and stunning, this little piece of surfer's paradise is remote and difficult to reach.
• Marrakech, Morocco – A perennial favourite on the Gypsetters destination list, Marrakech is packed with mysterious souks, stunning riads and myriad opportunities to pick up unique accessories to add to your style.
• Jose Ignacio, Uruguay – This small fishing village is having its moment as a Gypset hotspot.
• Hydra, Greece- Forget the big names in Greek tourism, this is the place to be to mix and mingle with the boho chic Gypset crowd.
• Tulum in Mexico with its warm tropical climate and turquoise water is a Gypset destination icon
• Byron Bay in Australia is full of relaxed and creative gypsetters.

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