Why do we travel?

Curiosity, desire for knowledge A well deserved rest, an astonishing adventure Old friends, new friends Sometimes we look for novelty Sometimes we look for ourselves

Whatever the reason, a confident traveller needs an efficiently planned suitcase.
Furoshiki is a traveller’s best friend.

A furoshiki is a piece of material, at times very precious, at times sturdy and functional, folded in a way to become a perfect carry-all for your belongings. Inspired by the Japanese art of tidying up, ddoo-furoshiki will help you simplify your travelling needs.

Fishermen trousers, pareo skirts… even the more voluminous summer kimonos can be rolled up into a silk bag that fits neatly in your suitcase. Your new adventure begins the moment you untie it.

Here ddoo collective has put together a few ideas to help you through the pitfalls of packing, providing you with pieces that have self-assurance, battle time and trends and reassure you with the inner knowledge of always looking your best.We have asked ddoo collective members to assemble for you their ideal “boarding pack” (furoshiki).