Autumn is Entering its Sweetest Days

Autumn is entering its sweetest days: the sun is mellowing, the heat relenting, the light acquiring a sparkling quality that preludes to colder days.

But, in Europe at least, we can still profit from the wider choice of colours that summer has put in our plates.

WARNING: this is not a diet!

In fact, we at ddoo collective don’t believe in diets.

We abhor that constrictive, punishing, discriminating talk of only one perfect shape, beauty defined by size, fashion despotism.

Our collective was formed by four women and one very important man, of different ages and sizes. We discussed for a long time about what we wanted as our ideal line of clothes and arrived at a common belief:  the right of choice. Our ambition is to make women feel comfortable and elegant.

ddoo philosophy is well represented by the women painted by Gauguin.

Sitting on a beach, the women in his paintings are not conventionally beautiful, but their loveliness stems from the ease of their bodies. The pareos they wear, their colours and patterns, contribute to enhance their figure and do not imprison them within a superimposed form.

This is why ddoo clothes come only in three sizes or in taille unique; they have no buttons or zips, only strings. Tops can be knotted, skirts folded, trousers rolled up to fit any shape. In the end, it is you who create your own wardrobe.

Therefore, what follows cannot be anything else but a series of recipes that capture the essence of summer and invite us to be inventive and quirky…


Summer vegetables salad 7

The secret here is in the variety of colours.

It is really up to you. Use only the best extra virgin olive oil.


vitello tonnato

Traditional Italian summer dish much easier to make than you think


swordfish carpaccio

Mediterranean ingredients meet Japanese aesthetics



Gluten-free, light and nutritious


Chicken cesar salad

A classic, revisited


fresh fruits

Unleash your creativity

Summer lunch