Celebrating Chinese New Year with the Encre de Chine collection

chinese lanterns that inspired the sarong skirt
On Sunday 29th of January the streets of Soho, in London, were full of revelers who participated with gusto in the biggest New Year celebrations outside China, welcoming the Year of the Rooster.

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a moveable event dictated by the lunar cycle, so its date changes each year. It is considered a family occasion when lots of traditional foods are prepared and consumed together. The merriment usually starts the day before the actual New Year and continues until the Lantern Festival, fifteen days later. 

Each year is illustrated by one of twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac: people born in 2017, the Year of the Rooster, are traditionally thought to grow up to be self-confident, intelligent and trustworthy, but also conceited and shallow.

As I joined in with lots of other Londoners and visitors from all over Europe, I kept whishing we could somehow be transported to Shanghai as if by magic… And then I remembered: all I had to do was to wear my ddoo collective Shanghai Lily sarong skirt … and my journey began!

1 sarong skirt shanghai lily print
The Encre de Chine collection is named after the transforming power of Chinese ink, to start us on a new voyage towards a China of the imagination, a glamorous space of make believe.
Faithful to its philosophy to create clothes inspired by tradition but restyled in contemporary fashion, ddoo-collective has created Encre de Chine, a collection of five essential silk pieces with original prints.
The delicate patterns crafted by ddoo-collective designers Maxim Guy and Catherine Marnata are drawn in the smoky hues evocative of Chinese ink and enhanced by the pale silk of the embroidered kimono Flowers of Shanghai.

1 embroidered silk kimono flowers of shanghai
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