What Does Summer Mean to ddoo?

waves crashing on a beach in summer

As the summer comes to a close, we’re reflecting back on what a magnificent season it has been. With the wonderful weather and our many travel adventures where we’ve met our elegant travellers, the summer has to be our favourite season.This year, we’ve overcome many challenges, enjoyed our travels and watched as our elegant travellers have enjoyed theirs too. So here is what summer means to ddoo:

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The freedom that the summer brings is something truly unique. The warmer weather encourages people to embrace silky light fabrics to show off their feminine figures in the summer heat. It is a time for laughter, confidence and the freedom to express yourself! This is the season to be free and to do the things you most want to do with nothing to hold you back.

Footprints in the sand on a summer holiday


One of our favourite things about this time of year is, of course, the weather, as it allows us to visit so many exotic destinations, explore different cultures and gain inspiration all around the globe. Although we do love to travel all year round, there is something quite special about summer travel, with long warm evenings, stunning sunsets and plenty of daylight hours to visit all of our favourite attractions. That’s not to mention the exquisite foods on offer! This summer, our collective have travelled all over the globe, with favourite destinations including Puglia, Corsica, the Ivory Coast and Dubai!

A view over Dubai with the city and the sea

New Adventures

This summer, we were lucky enough to hold two pop-up shops for our silk clothing collections. One of these was at the beautiful Blue Boutique in Soho, and the other at Comptoir 102 in Dubai. These adventures taught us much about our elegant travellers and allowed us to pursue our dreams and better ourselves for the future.

 Dream of Bali and batik collections on display

New Challenges

We recently launched our capsule batiks collection alongside our Dream of Bali wardrobe, expanding our range of luxury travel wear to a new destination. We have loved the challenges of transforming traditional garments into timeless, wearable pieces for all to enjoy, photographing them and showing them off to all of our friends and family. The hard work that goes into each luxury collection certainly pays off when we see our elegant travellers heading off on their holidays with our garments in hand! Whether you love our luxury silk kimonos or our silk pareo trousers, we’d love to see more photos of you enjoying your ddoo collective clothing, so please share them with us on social media!

ddoo friends making memories together

Making Memories

The summer is a time for making memories with friends new and old! We all look back on the summers of our childhoods fondly and then progress to recent summers and the joys we’ve had. This season we’ve made so many happy memories, and are now looking forward to the new season ahead. With the change in weather and new celebrations and challenges ready to get underway, we’re very excited to see what the new season brings. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what summer means to you!

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